The original inspiration to create My Meskel came after a life changing visit to Ethiopia. Returning to the motherland and experiencing life the way people have for many years. From traveling the countryside of Tigray to praying at the steps of churches in Lalibela. My Meskel became a way to share an experience and love with others.

Through My Meskel, we are able to share a piece of Ethiopia as well as spread the history of other cultures. No matter where we all our now, we all have an identity. It is our job to preserve our history for the future generations to come.

It is our goal to provide quality products that are a representation of a variety of cultures, religions, and/or spiritual beliefs by bridging the gap between history and modern day fashion trends.

Founder, Betty Gedlu, was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. She received her Bachelor's degree from San Diego State University and currently works full time as an Entertainment Travel Manager based in Los Angeles, CA.