Lalibela Meskel (Unisex)
Lalibela Meskel (Unisex)

Lalibela Meskel (Unisex)

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This Meskel is specific to the Ethiopian town Lalibela which is most known for the 11 historic monolithic churches which are now considered a UNESCO Heritage Site. 

Lalibela is a high place of Ethiopian Christianity and to this day is a place of pilgrimage and devotion. The cross is thought to date back to the 12th century.

Chain length: 50 cm (19.68 in)

Pendant size: 4cm (1.1in) - Petite

 *Petite Lalibela Meskel shown on model

CARE: Please take special care of your jewelry. Items should not be worn for bathing or swimming. Store in a cool dry place. Pieces may tarnish over time if above directions are not followed.

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