Elsa Werki Set - Silver
Elsa Werki Set - Silver

Elsa Werki Set - Silver

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A classic set throughout Habesha culture and worn by women for weddings, baptisms, graduation ceremonies, religious holidays, and many other special occasions. This Elsa Werki Set is perfect to wear as a complete set with your habesha kemis or worn individually to accentuate your everyday style and out a modern twist a a cultural classic.

*Please email MyMeskel@gmail.com to order multiple sets for bridal parties


All Stainless Steel Silver Plated Jewelry

Set includes: Necklace, earrings and ring

Pendant Size: 2.2cm (0.87in)

Chain: 45cm (17.7in) Gold twist chain

Earring Size: 2cm (0.79in)

Ring Size: Adjustable

CARE: Please take special care of your jewelry. Items should not be worn for bathing or swimming. Store in a cool dry place. Pieces may tarnish over time if above directions are not followed.

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