Large Lion of Judah (Unisex)

Large Lion of Judah (Unisex)

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The Lion of Judah was also one of the titles of the Solomonic Emperors of Ethiopia. In Rastafari, "The Lion of Judah" represents Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia.

The Solomonic dynasty of Ethiopia has its patrilineal origin in the Israelite Royal House of Judah. The Lion of Judah served as the hereditary title of the Solomonic Ethiopian emperors including Menelik and Haile Selassie and was depicted on the flag of Ethiopia from 1897 to 1974. Due to its association with Haile Selassie, it continues to be an important symbol among members of the Rastafari movement.

Chain length: 45cm (17.7in)

Chain length: 60cm (23.6in)

Pendant size: 3.2cm (1.26in) 


CARE: Please take special care of your jewelry. Items should not be worn for bathing or swimming. Store in a cool dry place. Pieces may tarnish over time if above directions are not followed.

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